The first week kickin’ it at home brought some refreshing downtime with Nance and Len and a few blunt reminders that I’m temporarily removed from city living! My step count was quite possibly the most notable metric of change – man I had to work to get to 10k! At least one health walk helped push me over the edge each day. And since I’ve been running the same laps around the neighborhood since the early 2000’s, I spiced up the routine with a jaunt on the East Longmeadow bike path!


The route travels from behind Milton Bradley to the center of town Dunkin Donuts. It was interesting to see Shaker Road from the other side, and soak in the aromas from Frigo’s. On Friday I got in two out-and-backs to hit five miles; I’ll have to add the path to the EL running rotation!


In cooking, we brought together some fantastic flavor combos. Like the pictured grilled salmon, sautéed asparagus and mushrooms and grain salad. The salad was a concoction of farro, spinach, peaches, feta, walnuts and pickled onions with a sesame ginger dressing on the side. Highly recommend.



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