DC: The goodbye tour

And that’s a wrap! The DC countdown concluded this week with a disaster-less last day in the office and a bunch of last hurrahs! My DC residency can be noted from 2009-2017 (at least for now!). And even though this transition has been carefully calculated for quite a while, I’m still soaking in the fact that the time to move back to MA for an MBA arrived! Over the weekend I hugged it out, packed it up* and headed out of the District with Dad (*for the exception of the basil plant left on the windowsill).

And what’s a move north without a little reflection from the last eight years living in the “South”? DC. I’ve fallen in love with people, fast casual, running routes and my local license – and with it the pride of being a Washingtonian and establishing a home base on my own merit. Art museums, suburban adventures and DateLab. Guapos tacos and the Decades dance floor. Blogging! It’s been an active and evolving eight years.

35026122784_33a0bdd6a7_o (1)

(A 90’s music going away gathering.)

And that first year wasn’t easy. In fact, kind of terribly challenging. But in between forced triples, late nights at the library and tearful and premature goodbyes, I developed grit and lifelong friendships. I found my stride in year two which carried me through initiations, honor rolls and a much needed adventure abroad in the third. Then AU wrapped up above the Best Buy, where I learned how thankful I am for roommates and how ready I was to not have an intern title.

(The latest fast-casual recommendation: Falafel Inc. in Georgetown!)

Working full-time brought deeper insight into TLC talent and a great appreciation for coworker camaraderie in garden-of-pain bootcamp workouts. Smoke alarms save lives and disaster deployments put just about everything into perspective.
(Last super humid run from Q St.)

Over these last few years of urban living (sans homework!) I’ve diligently checked things off the DC bucket list – and started blogging to document it all! The blog has kept me busy – and enforced the internal “do-er” in fear of the social stigma of not having anything to say. But of course, there will always be weeks where banana bread is the highlight! Updates shall continue from Chestnut Hill!

(The PanVan’s last voyage [est. 2004].)

I love the District; it’s hard to leave! But also about that time for change. So onward! … to unpacking, re-packing, traveling across the Pond and wrapping up that pre-orientation statistics work!


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