Camera Roll

My camera roll captured a few highlights from this week – all pretty random – and all snapped in that endless summer light. Including an evening of cauliflower pizza crust experimentation:

I tested out the Trader Joe’s variety (a hot commodity!) and topped it with grilled and seasoned kale, peas, corn and chicken sausage. The dough wasn’t bad, but much spongier than expected. In round two I may cook the crust for a few minutes first, then add the toppings and continue baking right on the oven rack for a crispier finish.

Moving right along in the photo feed, I stopped by the Fête de la Musique (Music Festival) in Dupont to catch up with Lesley on the summer solstice:

Almost literally ran into a deer on an early morning, in-the-zone trail jaunt:

And over the weekend, celebrated Annie’s birthday with the most delightful homemade brunch! Shown here cutting her own Ina Garten soppressata and Gruyere pastry board. So delicious. And those roasted veggies and fresh fruit salad really balanced out the cream cheese frosted carrot birthday cake.

And finally, I made a quick stop at the National Gallery of Art to check in on some of my favorite pieces. Have to take advantage of the free Monet’s before they’re more than a metro-away!

(Not pictured: bbq’s, trivia and a super delicious cocktail with jalapeños in it from Barcelona – a restaurant that will also be in the new neighborhood!)



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