Light Trails

When you walk into the weekend like:

35186334072_ecde8ae530_o (1)
… It’s bound to be a good time! On Friday I made it to Artechouse – the newest contemporary art exhibit in DC. The technology driven installations react to human motion to create unique and interactive experiences. Alex, Tessa and I thoroughly enjoyed the funhouse-like projection screen, along with the other eight pieces.

On Saturday I hit the trails with Dan and Annie; and for once it didn’t involve a lengthy car ride! In researching “must do activities in DC” I realized I had never done Rock Creek park. The National Park Service outlines a few suggested nature walks that start in upper NW, so we drove to the entrance by Van Ness and embarked on a three-ish mile loop. We more or less started at the horse barn, swung by the old Capitol stones and then walked up and down the park creek to soak in the scenes.

The sandstone and marble blocks were part of the US Capitol building for nearly 200 years, but after a renovation about a half-century ago they were transported to the park. Pretty cool!

In other weekend highlights, I thoroughly enjoyed birthday cake by Claire, and ran some of it off in the sweltering sun:

Then appreciated the beachy vibes on a trip through City Center:



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