Boston Bound

The news is out – I’m in transit to Beantown, the City of Champions, Athens of America… or however else Wikipedia wants to nickname it!

This move has been a long time coming – which began over a year ago when the urge for professional growth and a change of scenery got the best of me. And after months of studying, networking, applying and interviewing I am elated to have accepted enrollment into Boston College’s MBA program for the fall! I’m really about to shake up my normal routine, but more on the goodbye tour later.

Over the weekend I shipped up to Boston to nail down the little technicality called “housing”. Kind of like House Hunters, only not at all. But in between the hustle of fifth-floor walkups and dodging rowdy apartment pets, I got a taste of the new neighborhood and a charming glimpse of the the local tourist sites. And then out of the city, downtime in good ol’ East Longmeadow and cooking out in Connecticut were welcomed respites before road tripping back home.



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