Balance Bar

Springtime activities can really be inspired or derailed due to weather patterns. This week’s kitchen experiment sprouted from a day of rainy day blog catchup.

I’ve been on the lookout for a tangible homemade granola bar recipe and finally stumbled on a promising one in these Oatmeal Raisin Bars. So many homemade snack bars use a whole slew of ingredients that aren’t in my pantry (read: protein powder, dates, almond flour) so when I read that this included oats, flour and brown sugar I was intrigued! The original recipe seems more like a raisin cookie bar so I swapped the cooking oil out for mashed banana and added chocolate chips – because that seemed like a fair compromise. It turned out to be a pretty dense bar perfect for compact energy before a morning run or crushing in-between meal hunger.

Over the weekend, Sunday’s 75 and sunny weather was perfect for city strolls and dining al fresco. I’d been eyeing the Colada Shop and finally made a visit to the new Cuban coffee, croqueta, and cocktail patio bar hot spot on 14th St. The Veggie Cuban was a delightful handheld with roasted and marinated vegetables and Swiss on fresh bread.

On running: I’m still on the lookout for a fun summer race to add to my calendar, but in lieu of training calendars I’ve been keeping jaunts to under 6 miles. Had I taken a scenic mid-run photo during Saturday’s leisurely jog it most likely would have been sepia toned – the pollen’s a little outta control these days!



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