Arlington National Cemetery is just over the Potomac and, despite running past it’s entrance a couple dozen times in the last few years, until this weekend I had never made a trip past it’s entrance on Memorial Drive. The combination of somber undertones and location inconvenience was really at the root of my delay, but finally, this Sunday the trip was made!

To make up for lost time I took the official tour through the grounds, and caught a glimpse of the primary memorials. First up was John F. Kennedy’s grave which is located towards the entrance, with the Arlington House as it’s backdrop.

After touring the Arlington House I made my way to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. I arrived right at the half hour mark so could easily witness the Changing of the Guards ceremony. So much precision! The tomb includes the remains of unknown service members from WWI, WWII and the Korean and Vietnam Wars.

The Memorial Amphitheater around the tomb is really a spectacular marble structure. Approximately 5,000 visitors attend each of three major annual memorial services in the Amphitheater, which take place on Easter, Memorial Day and Veterans Day.

The visit definitely warranted reflection, but I’m glad I’ve finally made the trip and on such a not too hot, not too crowded day!

On a much lighter note, this week I sautéed up a few delicious dinner bowls, including the below shaved carrot, Brussels sprout, mushroom, meatball and farro concoction. Morning jogs, happy hours and Texas two-step were not pictured, but also thoroughly enjoyed.


– EmPan

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