Outdoor Easter

The weather these days is really superb – and a great reminder that rather average activities are elevated in the great outdoors. Throughout the week and Easter weekend I checked off a few more springtime traditions with friends and visiting guests, Nance and Len!

On Saturday we made our way to Union Market to check out the shops and scene. Including the above highly Instagram-ed wall. For lunch we enjoyed the most delicious wood-fired pizza at Bidwell – that Gardens of Eden variety pairs so perfectly with the expertly seasoned vegetarian crust!

We also made our way to National’s Stadium for their first game, and my first of the season. We met up with Claire, and even though they lost it was still quite a lovely time up in the shade with a wide angle view of the stadium and surrounding area.

Throughout the visit I showed mom and dad some other DC hot spots, including the neighborhood and festive Q Street Barbie holiday display. Nance was a fan!

And after Easter worship I enjoyed the first of many suppers al fresco with Amy and Claire. The spread was simply great with (more) pizza, Brussels sprouts and wine.

– EmPan


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