Runner’s Rite of Spring

The Cherry Blossom 10 Miler is really quite the operation – this year’s race had just under 20,000 finishers! And even after participating in the event for the last few years, I’m still amazed by the logistics involved in herding all the runners and their fans through packet pickups, pre-race jitters, the ten mile loop and finisher photo-ops.

On Saturday I picked up my bib and some fresh running gear at the Building Museum kickoff expedition. After perusing the vendor booths I found a new pair of Feetures!, only the most comfortable socks ever, and some super soft performance gear from Janji, an eco-conscious athletic brand with a focus on bringing clean water to Africa. Exciting stuff!

Sunday’s race had a cool 45 degree early morning start. But since the cherry blossom’s are still in full bloom the course was really at it’s peak. I snapped a quick photo as I made my way over the Memorial Bridge towards the start of the race:

And another as I rounded Hains Point a few miles later.

And then a ceremonial shot after crossing the finish line! I ended in 1:24:04, which was a 8:24 min/mile pace. Less than a minute slower than last year!

In non-running updates, I whipped up most likely my favorite fast-casual inspired bowl yet. Grilled tofu, charred peppers and shredded carrots, farro, fresh onion, romaine and cilantro with a dollop of cilantro and chive yogurt dip. So good!


– EmPan

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