Peak Blooms & Bonding

Although about half of this year’s cherry blossoms are said to have died off in freezing DC temperatures, the Tidal Basin is still well and alive with the surviving buds!

By Thursday the blossoms were at near-peak bloom so I made a trip over in the hopes of enjoying the scene before crowds made the pilgrimage over the weekend. It was a good decision! The sidewalks were spacious, and it was a breeze creeping in and out of branches to snap some fun cherry blossom 2017 photos.

Spring weather is looking up!

Then over the weekend I made a quick trip home to see Papa Joe, Nance and Len. Condensed bonding time at it’s best! On Saturday Dad and I set out to whip up a no recipe, make-as-we-go sautéed shrimp and vegetable creation.

33611419296_180872c591_o (1)
We cooked onions, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes with olive oil, white wine, garlic and other seasonings in one pan, while the shrimp simmered in another. When both pots were nearly ready we combined the two and started sautéing up our spiralized zucchini and sweet potato noodles.

We added a side of Costco garlic and Parmesan bread because it’s delicious. In the end there was a lot going on on the plate, but everything came together really nicely!


– EmPan


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