Infinite Kusama

Yoyoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirrors exhibit is the latest craze on the DC art and Instagram scene – and with with a limited number of ticketed entries it’s an even more coveted experience. But last week Claire was able to snag passes via the finicky online lottery system and I happily joined her for an afternoon at the Hirshhorn.

Kusama is a Japanese artist who, over the course of her 65 year career, produced more than 20 different mirrored rooms that transform small spaces with repetition and light displays. The exhibit showcases six of her mirror rooms, alongside various installations, sculptures and large-scale paintings.

A few themes stood out after reading some of the descriptions. One, the woman loves pumpkins.

Two, Kusama represents her feminist views through some of the more labor-intensive and phallic-shaped sculptures, shown both on their own and within the mirrored rooms.

And audience participation is a key consideration in the construction of her work. Kusama believes that the mirrors create a participatory experience by making the visitor the subject. So much so that by the end I had run out of creative ways to take a mirror shot!

Although we had tickets to the exhibit, there was still quite a bit of waiting once we were in the museum and on the exhibit floor. Museum-goers have to wait in lines outside of each room, and you’re only allowed 20 seconds inside before an associate shuffles you out. Such a quick turnaround once you’re finally inside!

But before exiting the entire exhibit you’re allowed infinite time in The Obliteration Room. You’re given dot stickers that can be placed anywhere and are intended to eliminate the trances of white. By the time the exhibit wraps up in May the room will most likely be covered!

And throughout the week when I wasn’t snapping mirror shots and pasting polka-dots I got in some chilly runs, became CPR and first aid certified and whipped up a delightful three piece meal.

On Sunday I added some barbecue chicken to the slow-cooker and tested out a new recipe from my Meatless Martha Stewart cookbook. The Eggplant Salad with Israeli Couscous and Basil turned out really well! The flavor combination of eggplant and red wine vinegar is not something that I would have considered otherwise, but the vinegar really brought everything together nicely. And it had been a while since asparagus was out in Trader Joe’s! Maybe a sign of grilling temperatures ahead?


– EmPan


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