In Like a Lamb

Temperatures can be deceiving – both for plants and people – and last week’s warmth really brought some foliage to life. The pre-spring blossoms are greatly appreciated!

But since temperatures dropped again over the weekend, I took advantage of a few entertaining indoor activities. First Friday art gallery visits didn’t disapoint, and then on Saturday I headed to the Kennedy Center for a yoga class with Kelsey and Lesley.

We ended up in the front row of the “red carpet” yoga class! The instructor was great. His up-beat playlist paired nicely with the quick-paced vinyasa flow. I can’t imagine it’s easy to lead a massive all-levels class of strangers, so it was even more impressive that the session went so seamlessly. The Kennedy Center will be hosting these Saturday morning classes every other week for the next few months, so we’ll have to check out another one soon!

In the kitchen I felt the need to switch up my normal routine so I tried out a pork tenderloin, and paired it with roasted carrots and sautéed cauliflower and kale. The pork turned out well! It was a pre-seasoned Trader Joe’s peppercorn and garlic variety that I first browned on the cooktop then baked. Flavorful enough on it’s own, and versatile enough to throw into future dishes.

Back on the museum circuit, I made my way the National Gallery of Art East Wing to check out their brand new exhibit, The Minor Arts, on Sunday. I can’t say that I necessarily understood the meaning behind the artist’s work, but it was neat to explore! The artist, Theater Gates, is known for transforming vacant spaces into large-scale exhibits. The columns of books are repurposed Ebony magazines, the wooden wall is made out of old gymnasium floorboards and the slate wall was originally the roof of a church. I’m still processing it all.

And still soaking in the rest of the museum’s extensive collection, which I’ve perhaps seen all of now after a few separate visits to the newly renovated wing.


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