Abroad Friends

An upcoming move to London, an engagement and a birthday are all great reasons to celebrate, and this weekend the old flatmates got back together to toast to it all in Hoboken and NYC. The hashtag #MovingtoLondonEngagementBirthdayWeekend seemed appropriate.

It was such a lovely trip! Once we were all together, we cheers’d to Emily and her success in transitioning her career to her dream location, London. We also toasted to future reunions across the pond.

We enjoyed a delightful lunch, and dessert of candle lit Schnackenberg doughnuts to celebrate Liz’s birthday. HBD Liz!

And snapped a very enthusiastic celebratory engagement photo with Amy front and center. Congrats Amy and Kevin!

In other activities, we dined out at the London favorite, and newly opened in New York, Wagamama restaurant. Went out to the pub for olde times sake. And brunched and bonded in Brooklyn before hugging it out Sunday afternoon.

I’m so glad we could celebrate it all together, stateside! And watch the video Liz had compiled with footage from our semester abroad in London five years ago – too funny!




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