Music City

I’ve heard good things about Nashville (the music! the barbecue! the bachelorette parties!) but I didn’t quite believe the hype until this week’s 24-hour trip to Music City U.S.A. In addition to a very productive Gatlinburg wildfire after action review with the Tennessee team, I got just a glimpse of Nashville at it’s best.

After landing early Thursday evening, barbecue was the obvious choice for dinner, and Yelp helped narrow down the location. The South – where a side of vegetables is automatically deep fried and/or mashed and pulled pork comes highly recommended.

An after dinner stroll consisted of a trip down Broadway – so cool! Every single honkey-tonk had their own lineup of live performers. And it was so easy to hop from venue to venue to check out the scene. I forgot to pack my cowboy hat but the locals were still accepting.


In the daylight, I made a quick visit to Centennial Park to see the Parthenon. The Parthenon and the Athena statue inside are both full-scale replicas of the Athenian originals. It also serves as Nashville’s art museum. Interesting!


Back in DC, over the weekend I jammed out to some more live bands at Hill Country and Fado, and enjoyed a leisurely Sunday morning run.

Then to round out the week I whipped up an old favorite – chocolate chip banana bread – to enjoy while planning the next cultural outing.


(What a game!)



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