Skate, Eat, Run

Ice skating is one of those activities that always shows up on winter event calendars, and in theory sounds like a fun cold-weather outing, but in practice I consciously avoid. Why skate when you can walk?! There’s less risk of falling, for sure.

But in honor of Keely’s birthday I laced up with Dan, Kristen, Annie, Stephanie, Brian and Ruth at the Sculpture Garden’s ice rink after a barbecue filled-start at Hill Country. Luckily the rink wasn’t too busy so there was plenty of room to find a groove; and it was so fun! The garden has such a cool location right on the mall, with the Archives as our northern backdrop.

Keely, Dan and I snapped a photo at the end of the night to commemorate the occasion. Next time maybe we’ll get a synchronized jumping shot!

In other events, pasta dinner was on the weekend scheduler, and the spread was robust! A kale salad, vegetables and hummus, garlic bread, spaghetti, meatballs and zoodles were followed by cake and cookie varieties. All intertwined by wine! The ladies posted up on the couch for a photo, and this might be the best one we got!

On Sunday I embarked on my first long run since December’s 15k, and in anticipation of the very upcoming Celebration Half! Weather, limited sunlight hours and general social life conflicts have made it tricky to get in long runs to prepare for the race. Instead I’ve tried to train via 4-6 outside and treadmill miles and HIIT gym classes. The 10 mile training run went surprisingly well; I ended with about an 8:40 min/mile pace.31956129780_9ba8caeb9b_o
But the run wasn’t just notable for the pace: I ran past Michelle Obama walking on the trail! Absolutely star struck by FLOTUS herself!

– EmPan

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