Mixed Media

2017 has started out on a museum high; over the weekend I was able to catch up with friends at First Friday and make a visit to the National Museum of Women in the Arts (NMWA). Somehow bitter outdoor temperatures make gallery visits even more enticing!

I had never been inside the the downtown NMWA museum until Sunday when they cleared the admission price and held a docent tour of their “No Man’s Land” exhibit. I must say, the building itself is gorgeous! The atrium set a great precedent for the rest of the visit.

The feminist laden collection is based on two themes: the female body and the art-making process, both prevalent subjects of the movement since it began in the 1960’s.

I still find a piece by Anicka Yi perplexing. The plexiglass panels are full of decaying flowers that were deep fried and coated in resin before being secured, all in front of dumbbells. The docent did not have the answer either. But the florals will eventually completely dissolve!

Li Shurui’s airbrush on canvas was also fun to see. She uses abstract concepts of light to make it look like you’re glancing at a monitor. So much precision!

The museum will also be free later this month.



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