Good Tidings

The best holiday trips home include a combination of home cooked meals, condensed family time and hometown hangouts, and this year’s Christmas trip captured just that trifecta.

Jen, Drew, Ana, Nance and Len and I all congregated on Christmas Eve for the official family activities; we were just missing Mayank! Such a fun evening catching up with the Hooley clan. Here’s the cousin snapshot!

We all toasted to the newly married couple, Matt and Ali! Cheers to another fantastic cousin (officially) joining the family!

And fawned over small dogs and great-grandchild Emmeline (shown here with Auntie Kathy and Auntie Moe!).

She can really command a room. So precious!

On Christmas day the Pansas eased into the day with cinnamon rolls (it’s tradition), a little worship followed by gift exchanges and health walks. This year’s cocktail concoction was inspired by Jen and Mayank’s recent trip to India and combined white wine, vodka, rosemary and apple slices. We Americanized it with a splash of Polar Seltzer.

Since we were dispersed for Thanksgiving, we all thoroughly enjoyed a Thanksgiving-for-Christmas dinner.


And before hitting the terminals, Jen and I caught up with patriarch Papa Joe!


– EmPan

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