Christmas is All Around Me

Georgetown is hopping with holiday spirit these days, and every time I jog down Wisconsin, M St., or the waterfront I thoroughly enjoy the themed decor. And now, for the third year, the Georgetown Glow exhibits are also adding to the outdoor displays.

On an early morning Friday run I made a point to make my way past the waterfront prisms, or “Prismatica” as it is officially referred. The cool thing about this year’s displays is that some are just as interesting in the daylight! The exhibits also seem to be more centrally located, so you don’t necessarily have to go searching down brick side streets to find them.

On the holiday party circuit, Keely’s cocktail part was a must. On Saturday Dan, Annie, Keely and I took our commemorative Christmas photo in front of the tree. It took me at least a few minutes after arriving at the party to realize President Obama was hovering over all of us on top of the balsam fir. Pretty great!

On Sunday, I put together a hearty supper of roasted cauliflower, CrockPot barbecue chicken and farmers market kimchi. So much flavor on one plate! The chicken is now a standard go-to for the slow cooker, but the cauliflower is a new to the roasting rotation. Similar to the recent addition of mushrooms in my stir-fry, it was just one of those foods I never considered picking up along the produce aisle until I needed to switch up my flavor palate. Olive oil, salt and pepper did the trick to balance out the fermentation in the kimchi and Worcestershire’d chicken. Dinner with a festive view.


– EmPan

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