Jingle All the Way

When I spotted the Jingle All the Way run registration in October I was pretty jazzed to sign up for the race, both because this year’s event included a longer 15k course and because it would be another holiday themed event to add to my calendar! I’m fairly certain I analyzed race outfit options (to costume or not to costume?!) more than my training plan in the spirit of the fun run.

And on Sunday Annie and I hit the Mall for the 40 degree, festive jaunt. Such a fun race! It was a fairly small operation, with just over 4,000 finishers in the 5k and 15k, so logistically everything from the packet pickup to bag drop-off was much easier compared to all the other races I’ve been in on the Mall.

The 5k started first around 8am so we were able to catch most of the runners cross the finish line, including the elites that clocked in with sub 5 miles. So quick!

And then once on the course there was so much space to run freely! Essentially the opposite of a Cherry Blossom 10 Miler. The great thing about a 15k, or 9.3 mile, race is that it’s the best part of a half marathon – the adrenaline of the start, the ease of adding on the first few miles, finding a rhythm and then counting down to the finish line. I ended with a time of 1:18:47 and an 8:25 min/mile overall pace.

Afterwords I grabbed a banana, caught of a glimpse of the costume competition (Christmas T-rex!?) and headed to brunch with Annie and spectator Dan.

Next up on the race agenda is the Celebration Half in January, and in between now and then I predict several more Christmas cookies and chilly runs in my future.


– EmPan

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