Casual, Yet Proper

The week before Thanksgiving is really when cheer starts to pick up the pace. Holiday cups and baked goods are already infiltrating my normal routine, along with festive seasonal activities!

Over the weekend I attended Friendsgiving at Ruth and Kristen’s exposed-brick Capitol Hill home. It was my third year in attendance, and I’m still so impressed by how well executed the 60+ person event is! A minor glitch in cooking turkey #2 led us to call the Butterball Hotline, but since Bartlet had no shame, neither did we. Keely and I snapped a ceremonial photo.

In other friendly events, Lesley, Claire, Meagan, Kelsey and I enjoyed a proper tea together, because why not? Champagne cake by Claire, macaroons by Trader Joe and decor by Lesley.

And in simpler dining endeavors, I wrapped up the week with the most delightful at-home sautéed pepper and onion, grilled chicken, cheddar and spinach tortilla. Delicious.


– EmPan

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