New Normal

I’ve run through a few dozen emotions since Tuesday, and I’m still only beginning to comprehend the gravity of election results, both on a global scale and as it impacts the NW quadrant of our nation’s capital.

Regardless, I’m still so proud to have voted for one of the most qualified candidates on a presidential ballot. So excited that I documented the occasion with Claire! (Outside of the polling booth, didn’t want to pull a Justin Timberlake.)

Throughout the week and over the weekend I found comfort in hashing through dialog with friends and family. And soaked in nine miles of fresh air and techno hip hop on Saturday to help process the week. The trails are quite lovely (and brisk) this time of year! I finished with one of my better paces as of recent and a Nesquik.

Not photographed: Friend make-our-own pizza night, 90’s bar jam sessions and the joy of Joe Biden memes.


– EmPan


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