House Blends

Fall photos haven’t gotten old yet; everything’s so bright!

Over the weekend I embarked on a 9 mile trail jaunt to both soak in the colors and stretch my legs. I’ve been adding more miles to longer runs recently to rev-up for the Jingle All the Way 15k. When I came across the race listing I was too mesmerized by the fun holiday costumes to realize that the race was actually pretty soon! 15k equates to 9.3 miles, so after last week’s undocumented 8 miler and this week’s run, I’m a bit more confident that I could be in a good place for the race next month.

In other weekend events I kept well caffeinated with trips to two newer shops – Maketto on H St. and Phillz Coffee in Adams Morgan. Keely and I documented our trip to Maketto – the trendy coffee shop / shoe store / restaurant … I still don’t really understand the concept, but they keep getting high praise so something’s right!


Phillz Coffee on the other hand – so delicious. I first tried their roasts while visiting Jen in SF! Phillz opened up two shops in DC within the last year and I finally made my way to their blends on a post-worship stroll. I ordered the Silken Splendor, which is a custom-made cup with aromas of dark cocoa, nuts and butter. Really couldn’t go wrong.


In the kitchen, I was inspired by a blogger recipe for a Roasted Harvest Vegetable Farr and Feta Bowl. Very deliciously seasonal. And man, farrow is filling!


– EmPan

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