We Go High

At the top of tower two of the National Gallery of Art’s newly redesigned East Wing you’ll find a fantastic view of Constitution Avenue and the most recent fixture on the DC Instagram modern art scene: a bright blue rooster sculpture.

On Saturday I hopped into the museum for the last hour of the day to get a quick peek of the new exhibits, many of which were acquired from the Corcoran. Saturday’s perfect weather provided a great backdrop for the terrace level sculptures, and inside the museum there were so many interesting things to check out! A few highlights, other than the  15 ft. “Hahn/Cock” rooster:

The not-quite basic bread and butter pop-art:

The “Lick and Lather” busts that I’m still trying to wrap my head around:

And the biblical personal finance message that just radiates off the wall:

Already looking forward to going back for a more leisurely stroll through the halls!

On Sunday, I added some elevation to my steps on a hike with Annie, Dan and Keely. We visited George Washington National Forest and climbed to the top of Tibbet Knob. Another beautiful day out there on the trail!

It took about an hour and a half to scramble up to the summit, where we soaked in the just-budding fall foliage. After resting up, we took a few selfies and headed back down the trail where we commemorated the accomplishment once more before continuing celebrations at McDonald’s.



– EmPan


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