Up, Out, On the Run

Newfoundland on 9/11 is not something I’d ever considered before this week when I saw Come from Away at Ford’s Theater. The musical is based on the real town of Gander which unexpectedly welcomed 38 plane-loads of people on September 11th after air traffic in Canada was halted for a week. The small town nearly doubled in population with people from all over the globe.


The actors and musicians on stage were able to both pay tribute to the seriousness of the situation and bring a lightness and wit to scenes. Keely and I laughed out and teared up from the balcony… and gave a standing ovation to the incredibly talented cast that played right through!


In other events, on Sunday Claire and I headed to National’s stadium to see the final game of the regular season. And since we had select tickets for the game, we were able to head onto the grass for Yoga in the Outfield after the Nat’s won. Very cool!

A few hundred other fans joined us in following instructors on the  jumbotrons who lead the 45 minute session.

And aside from ticketed events, I got in a few enjoyable jaunts throughout the week, including Sunday’s six-miler.


– EmPan

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