Field of Greens

This weekend Claire, Kelsey, Lesley and I took a trip out to the Maryland countryside to get some fresh air, blooms and wine right at the source.

The Sunflower Garden in Westminster was the first stop on our trip. So quaint!

We took the flower lined, dirt road up to the family farm, where we were greeted by such a friendly staff that was happy to accommodate our photo and flower goals. We took buckets and clippers to the field and started snipping away our own bouquets.

The 90 degree heat did not stop the photo sessions. Awkward family photo or America’s Next Top Model?
After finding the best blooms to take back to DC, we made our way to a local Maryland winery, Linganore. Wine tastings were a bargain at $5 each, which included 12 different wine samplings! The vineyard specializes in fruit wines, as in wines made with fruit other than grapes like peaches, strawberries, blackberries and apples. Quite the interesting assortment! The spiced apple variety was a great alternative to the classic fall cider. But overall, the general consensus was that the fruit wines were best served in small doses. Then after a day of sun and hydration, we finished the trip with dinner and a tour of downtown Frederick.

In other dinner news, earlier in the week I put my creativity to use when I had a pantry full of random ingredients. Luckily, some grilled tofu, spinach, strawberries, almonds and balsamic vinaigrette came together nicely for a mid-week bowl.

And over the weekend after getting back to the city with just a few sunflower arrangements, I whipped up grilled chicken to pair with a grain salad combination of kale, bulgar, nuts and raisins. Super delicious, and semi-homemade because Trader Joe’s really knows how to put together a great bag of salad.


– EmPan

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