Food & Friends

This week was pretty quiet on the adventure front, but delicious food with friends kept me feeling plenty fulfilled.

Dinner plans included a belated birthday celebration at only the best Tex-Mex in DC: Guapo’s! Kelsey, Claire, Lesley and I made a trip to our old stomping ground in Tenleytown.


Dinner was followed by a Jackson Pollock-inspired cake. Decorated in a Princess Diaries paint-balloon and darts kind of way, minus the darks and balloons, plus spoons and frosting. All pretty hilarious.


In other evening entertainment, Mike, Annie, Dan and I were able to catch up al fresco right on the Georgetown waterfront. So scenic! Farmers, Fishers, Bakers delivered a delicious Sunday supper. It’s one of those restaurants that isn’t necessarily top of mind since it’s in more of a tourist location, but definitely a great spot.


And aside from dining adventures, I kept busy this week with studying, Louisiana flood relief and plenty of jogs to keep sane.


– EmPan

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