High Fives for Waterfalls

Friend getaways are the best. Especially when they’re in tropical places!

Last week I took a trip with Amy, Claire, Emily and Liz to Puerto Rico. So fun! After fumigating ourselves in bug spray, we thoroughly enjoyed a week mixed with relaxation and adventure. By the end we had really perfected self-timer and selfie skills!

Our stomping ground was on CoCo Beach, which allowed us to take trips up and down the coast in-between pool time. So many highlights, like hiking through the rainforest!

The El Yunque National Forest is the only tropical rain forest in the U.S.; it was beautiful! We somehow easily stumbled on a few of the park’s best highlights, including waterfalls:

Our adventure continued when we trekked the Big Tree path to the second fall. Such a great trail –  it was almost like we hit play on a  “birds chirping, water rushing” sound machine going in the background.

On another outing we visiting Old San Juan. Big fans on the bright facades.

We stopped at the national historic sites of El Morro Castle and Fort San Cristobal, which were built by the Spanish  in the 16th century to protect San Juan Bay’s harbor from attack by sea. Puerto Rico was the first major island with water, shelter and supplies that sailing ships came to en route to the Americas from Europe via Africa’s west coast.

Just outside of San Juan, we visited the Bacardi compound for a mixology class and got a taste of the local flavor.

The class included three recipes: the Cuba Libre, Daiquiri and classic Mojito. Our instructor provided specific directions on just how to mix, stir and extract aromas to make the perfect cocktail. We even got to-go cups!

Our last adventure took place after hours on a bioluminescent kayak tour. Unfortunately, due to a full moon and seasonal shifts in the luminescent plankton we didn’t see the light-water as anticipated. But we did have a crazy intense time kayaking along mangroves to an open lake (and back)!

Then in between activities, there was plenty of time for relaxation and appreciating the scenery.

Cheers to 26 years!
– EmPan

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