Cooking and Classes

Recently I’ve really been nailing plated meals. And in an effort to restrict the number of aerial food shots that go on my Instagram, I’m posting some here!


First up this week was grilled chicken marinated with vegetable oil and an assortment of old world spices including cumin, paprika, garlic, salt and pepper. While cooking on the grill pan, sweet potatoes baked in the oven, cut in half with a bit of olive oil and dash of salt. On a burner I simmered grape tomatoes in a red curry sauce, compliments of Trader Joe’s. So delicious, and then it was gone too soon!


Next up for the week was a grilled tofu bowl with brown rice and Brussels sprouts. For the grilling and sautéing I seasoned with olive oil, salt and pepper. The pizzaz of flavor came from a homemade enchilada sauce, using oil, a tablespoon of a flour, an assortment of Mexican inspired spices and chicken stock. Since this is a blog where I talk about myself, I’ll share that I was pretty impressed with my saucing ability! The only dressing I had on hand by mid-week was Italian or red sauce, and I just couldn’t bring myself to using them once again to dress plain brown rice and tofu. I’ll have to look into other easy, at-home sauces to test now!

In between spending time by the stove, I wrapped up my 30-day trial of ClassPass. Overall, a highly enjoyable month of workouts! I ended up trying out seven different studios, and repeated a few to max out the ten classes for the month. Barre3 was my favorite for narrowing in on abs I didn’t know existed, and a few yoga classes were perfect for forced stretching sessions. I got more out of my comfort zone with an UrbanAthlete CrossFit style class, and scared myself silly after hopping on and off a sprinting treadmill at Blast!

– EmPan


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