Maine Stay

Traveling up north to Wells, ME is one of my favorite summer pastimes, and luckily this year I was able to make the trip up with Nance and Len!

Maine: the way life should be (as per the official state slogan). First up off the highway was The Maine Diner. Fond, fond memories of ginormous chocolate chip pancakes consumed here in my youth. But for this lunchtime visit dad and I chose the lobster roll delicacy; delicious!


After fueling up, we continued our way to see the Hooley’s at the beach. Cool waters and breezy ocean walks were thoroughly enjoyed after a few weeks of sweltering southern heat.

On Saturday, we hopped over to Kennebunkport to stroll through the downtown shops and snap a few commemorative photos of the Bush compound.


And once back on the beach, we continued to play catch-up with the fam!28784739446_6edcf4f466_o
A fast and fierce rain storm broke the sunshine in the early evening, leaving us with a long-lasting rainbow. Uncle Steve, dad and I had to document the view!

And after a delicious dinner out on the house deck, we headed to the Scoop Deck to choose a dish out of a few dozen flavors. It was a difficult decision, but Boston Blackout was calling my name with chocolate ice cream and brownie pieces.

After one last morning beach run, and Atlantic ocean-side breakfast we soaked in the sunshine just a bit more before heading back to good ol’ EL.


– EmPan

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