Farm to Taco

This week’s highlights have a lot to do with farm fresh food. The first notable meal took place at Glen’s Garden Market with Keely, Dan, Annie and Claire. I had somehow never made a visit to their restaurant shop inside!

So many options, almost similar to the behind-the-counter selection at Whole Foods where you can either get pizza, deli or hot sandwiches or even a full turkey dinner with sides. We all diversified and conquered, and dug in right inside next to the pasta sauces since we arrived mid-downpour!

On Sunday, I hit up the Dupont market post spin class and picked up some of my own produce, including the most delicious ears of corn. The neighboring vegetable’s colors were so vibrant, I simply cannot stop myself from saying they “can’t be beet”.

In non-food activities, I made it back to one of my favorite museums over the weekend: The National Gallery of Art!

It’s such a treat getting to pop-in and out and enjoy some of the best pieces around. I noticed that the museum now has signs encouraging visitors to use their hashtag #myngadc – a pretty significant shift in normal museum etiquette. They must be trying to mimic the Renwick’s success on social media! I took advantage and got up-close with some impressionists.

And then headed to the East Wing to see the more modern exhibits, and avoid some more temporary downpours with Ken.

Later on, I grilled up farmers market fajita style chicken, peppers, onions and corn.

And kicked off the start to another week with a sweet end to the Bachelorette! Cake compliments of Claire. Delicious.

– EmPan


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