Highlight Reel

This week’s notable activities really had no theme. Therefore, a chronological list will help sort through recent history!

  • Family time: On Wednesday I was able to catch up with cousins Allie, on her trip to DC, and Will! So fun getting up to speed with each other in between the cousin wedding season.

  • A deep dive into non-profit fundraising and marketing: For a few days this week I was lucky enough to attend the Integrated Bridge to Integrated Marketing & Fundraising conference in National Harbor (harbor pictured below). The seminars and speakers really honed in on the complexities of donor engagement and giving. So many interesting tidbits and theories to try! The baby boomers are currently, and will for the next two decades, dominating the giving market, so even if marketers come up with trendy giving strategies on Pokemon Go, the cash flow won’t be as plentiful as in compelling campaigns targeted to the 44-62 year-old crowd.


  • Keynote speakers: As a subgroup highlight, the keynote speakers at the conference were amazing. David Rubenstein of the Carlyle Group and Shiza Shahid of the Malala Fund had such interesting perspectives on philanthropy, social entreprenuership and advocacy. Rubenstein signed The Giving Pledge, committing the majority of his net worth to philanthropy, and in fulfilling this commitment purchased the last privately owned copy of the Magna Carta and donated it to the National Archives, donated $4.5 million to the National Zoo for its panda program and $7.5 million to repair the Washington Monument, to name a few local initiatives.

    Shiza Shahid
    is the co-founder of the Malala Fund with Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai and Malala’s father Ziaudidn. She shared her incredible story of growing up in Pakistan, studying at Stanford, and in between her junior and senior year in 2009 traveling back to Pakistan and opening up a camp to empower girls to be effective activists and entrepreneurs. One of her students was Malala, and a few years later in 2012 when Malala was shot by the Taliban, Shiza stepped in to help Malala through her hospitalization and help lead her campaign for social justice. In the photo, Shiza is showing her favorite photo of Malala from the summer at camp. They should have been passing Kleenex through the aisles for tears of inspiration.

  • On a much lighter note, food!: I definitely nailed my most recent dinner of grilled chicken in a grape and sundried tomato curry with sautéed brussels sprouts over rice. Topped with cilantro because I’ve realized every entrée tastes better with an garnish.

In addition, ice cream PSA of the week: I finally made a trip to Nicecream in Clarendon and it was so delicious. The ice cream is somehow flash-whipped with liquid nitrogen in a KitchenAid mixer. My vanilla chocolate chunk was the most perfect type of creamy frozen treat. Highly recommend.

– EmPan

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