Marking off Baltimore

Public transportation has it’s flaws, but when it works out just right it can be particularly satisfying. Like this weekend when Keely and I headed north to Baltimore, making our way to Charm City via the weekend Marc train before traveling around using the free public bus system.

Shortly after arriving at Penn Station, we visited the Baltimore Museum of Art. It is a beauty! So many interesting and modern exhibits, including works from Matisse, Picasso and Warhol. We also thoroughly enjoyed the the fluid, water-like beaded sculpture dividing rooms in one of the more “what makes this noteworthy?” collections.

Then before leaving the museum grounds, we meandered through the peaceful sculpture garden and caught some shade:

In the Inner Harbor we checked out the boat scene and stayed hydrated with iced coffee and mojitos. Interestingly, Baltimore’s harbor was the second largest port of immigration to the U.S. behind Ellis Island.

In other weekly highlights, I’ve been making it through these super-hot-and-humid days with light morning jogs, farmers market strolls and lots of veg.

Farm stand produce: thumbs up emoji.27638926124_3176fe6e2c_o

– EmPan

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