I Love a Parade

The 4th of July is marked in my book as the most wonderful time of the year. And this 4th I was lucky enough to travel home and to Bristol, RI to participate in our nation’s oldest Independence Day celebrations!

Nance and Len really know how to keep traditions alive. From hanging bunting and sidewalk flags on High Street, to kicking off the morning with a 5 a.m. parade route chair setup and cooking up the most extravagant post-parade feast – they make it such a special day!

This year, in addition to day-of festivities, I was able to stay the long weekend and run in the Bristol Independence Day Rhode Race.

Such an incredible course. The race started and ended along the water at Independence Park, and after a few neighborhood miles, the course continued into Colt State Park and past the Bristol marina – about ten miles of scenic coastal and park paths.

Overall I’m very happy with how the race panned out! I ended at 1:51, which rounds to an 8:33 min/mile pace. A personal best in the half! I had plenty of energy to pick up speed in the last mile, making me think I probably could have cut out additional time during my slower miles 10 and 11. And since there were much fewer participants in this race compared to others – just over 500 – Nance and Len had an easy time spotting me at the finish line!

After the race, we enjoyed the most delightful lunch at the Beehive Cafe. I’m all about the earthy-crunchy dining vibe, and this place did not disappoint. Adding fried chickpeas and pesto and butternut squash concoctions to an upcoming culinary experiment.

Continuing on in the weekend, after Drew, Ana and the Gill’s arrived, we headed over to the Prudence Island Ferry dock to catch the July 3rd sunset and fireworks.

And then it was nearly time for the parade! Ana, Aiden, Drew, Torin and I snapped a few kid photos before heading out on our obligatory parade route walk to pick up Dell’s.

It was just perfect weather for a parade!

And finally, I couldn’t resist snapping a photo with a Dunkin’ iced coffee before the performances ended and we turned in for a backyard supper.

Until next year!



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