Cooking & Eating Out

This week snapping activity photos was just not top-of-mind. One may say I was simply living in the moment rather than over-analyzing the perfect visual, while I still ponder if humidity frizz is better left undocumented. TBD! Regardless, the warm weather was definitely great for outdoor activities.

Including fine dining! It seemed like every meal or drink was consumed al fresco. Like the most delightful margaritas and mojitos at El Centro in Georgetown to help celebrate Annie’s birthday along with Dan, Keely, Ken & other partygoers.

And my bowl of snap peas, cucumbers, tofu, bulgar and tomato sauce. At-home fast-casual is currently my favorite culinary genre.

Friendly rooftop cookouts and iced coffee commutes can also be added to this refreshing list.

In running news, I finished my last substantial run before next Saturday’s half. I got in a ten miler at about an 8:50 min pace. I have mixed feelings about how I’ll do for this face. I haven’t felt quite as spry as i did before this year’s Cherry Blossom race, and an unfamiliar race course adds increased unknowns. The current plan is to go in-stress free and fully enjoy the ocean views!

Until then, embracing the fact that the sun still peeks out post-downpour walks home.

– EmPan

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