Summer Basics

This weekend I enjoyed a few summer essentials, including a rooftop Friday night meatballs (not pictured), long run and at-home dinner on the grill.

In preparation for the Bristol Independence half I ran my longest run of this training session, clocking in at 12 miles.

The watch says I had a 9:14 pace, but factoring in three stops for stretching, a water bottle refill and an energy bar break (in that order), it took me about 12 minutes longer than clock time. Not my best run! I was pretty tight after mid-week cross training workouts, which I’m hoping will prove beneficial on race day. We shall see! Regardless – finishing on the Georgetown waterfront before refueling at SweetGreen kept the endorphins going.

My main culinary experiment of the week focused on techniques for the grill. Shown here with grilled eggplant, chicken and corn and roasted brussels sprouts.

Delish! This was my first time cooking eggplant and luckily Martha and team walked me through the process. I sliced and salted the eggplant first, then placed the pieces in a colander to sweat out some of the moisture before grilling with olive oil salt and pepper. And the chicken was seasoned with the most original Italian salad dressing around.


– EmPan

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