Shower’s in Waterford

New England in the summer is pretty great. Warm days, cooler nights and if you’re lucky enough to live on the coast – easy access to the Atlantic. This past weekend I embraced my roots when I traveled to Connecticut for Alli’s wedding shower, along with her other bridesmaids, close friends and family!

Such a fun, celebratory weekend! I left DC with Meagan, Lesley and Kelsey to meet up with Alli, Chewy and Lauren in CT. We started off Friday afternoon in Mystic and caught up over cocktails and seafood at the Treehouse bar. My newest drink fascination: Fishers Island Lemonade. Part lemonade, vodka and whiskey all mixed in one. Genius beverage combination. We collectively agreed: best served on the rocks.

We kept the party (and group photos!) going at Red 36 on the seaport:

Then Saturday was the perfect day for an outdoor shower luncheon. Alli was a bridal vision, shown here with her mom, Kathy!

13403835_10154182233054449_2874836542256232492_o copy
And candidly with ladies at the event:

And finally with the other above-the-Best Buy roommates, a throwback to our Tenleytown days senior year:

After the main event we took a trip just down the street to the beach!

And enjoyed a final dinner together at the best roadside dinner-by-the-sea.

We had to take one more group shot:

And collectively embraced the sun-set views!

– EmPan


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