The Pansa Extravaganza

Oconomowoc: A lakefront community, located just 45 minutes from Milwaukee and named “where the waters meet” by the Potowatomi and Winnebago Native American tribes in the fantastic place called Wisconsin.

Also, where Ana and Drew said I do! On Saturday, May 14th, to be exact.

It was such a wonderful weekend. Full of love! And tears of joy – I swear everyone patted away glistens of emotion at some point throughout the festivities. I still can’t contain my excitement for Drew and Ana’s newest milestone! And also for officially gaining another sister who’s beyond compassionate and quick to appreciate my pizzaz and share a hug or two.

Thankfully, throughout the trip there were plenty of opportunities to celebrate the joining of the Johnson and Pansa families! On Thursday our immediate troupes enjoyed a delightful home cooked meal at Pam and Dale’s home, and rested up on Friday until the rehearsal dinner and welcome party in downtown Oconomowoc.

Then Saturday were the nuptials! Notable spreadsheet activities began at the Johnson’s home with the first look. Again – not a dry eye. Ana: Gorgeous! Drew’s hair was gelled just right.

Family and the bridal party took a few photos by the lake. I had prepared for cooler Wisconsin spring weather for mid-May – but I don’t think anyone had anticipated 40 degree drizzle! The silver lining is of course exceptional photography lighting. Can’t wait to see the professional pics! In the meantime, we kept warm under outdoor heaters and ever-so-fashionable shawls, shown below with Nance, Jen and Mayank.

Then we all made our way to the chapel. The ceremony was perfect – and they were finally official! We took some more photos right after in the brisk outdoors.


And then took the trolley with Rebecca, Aiden and the bridal party to our final destination, the Oconomowoc Lake Club.

We ran into the Hooley clan!

And snapped some additional photographs to document the occasion:

27084938015_38c44dcefd_o copy
The reception continued with exceptionally tear-jerking speeches, delicious entrees, libations, hours on the dance floor, late night s’mores and a few more candid toasts to round out the evening.

And after a few hours of rest, we re-joined everyone on Sunday for brunch and sunshine at the Johnson’s.

So much love, and family! Such a wonderful weekend extravaganza celebrating the new Pansa’s.

– EmPan

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