The East Wing

Recent activity calls for a special, mid-week blog post: I was lucky enough to venture inside the White House and tour the East Wing on Tuesday! And able to share the experience with Claire, Lesley and Ken. What a treat!

The tour started out as a formal affair outside the Ground Floor Corridor:


We passed the Library, Vermeil Room, China Room, Diplomatic Reception Room with a few secluded garden views along the way.

Then we went up the stairs to the East Room, which is:
  • The largest room in the White House and is used for receptions, ceremonies, press conferences, etc.
  • Seven Presidents have lain in state in the room; JFK became the 7th President in 1963.
  • The three massive glass chandeliers date from 1902; they consist of about 6,000 pieces of glass and weigh about 1,200 lbs.

Then through the Green Room and the Blue Room. The Blue Room is often used by the President to receive guests and is where the White House Christmas tree is placed.


We really took our photography documentation seriously:


Next was the Red Room:


And to the State Dining Room, where we took some formal photos:


And then called on more creative poses:


The State Dining Room:
  • The famous Gilbert Stuart portrait of George Washington hung on the west wall of the room before First Lady Dolley Madison had it removed safely when the British set fire to the White House in 1814.
  • The State Dining room of modern times can seat 140 guests at dinners and luncheons.

The tour ended by walking through the Cross Halls and Tennessee marble floor entrance, and then with a few more photos outside:


So thankful to partake in such a monumental, American experience!


– EmPan

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