Record Rain (and counting!)

It’s been pretty dreary lately – to a record breaking level! Measurable rain (at least 0.01 inches) has fallen in DC for 13 straight days, starting on April 27th through today, May 9th. Over the weekend it let up in pockets, leaving room to capitalize on activities sans umbrella.

First up was Dupont’s First Friday. There were some fresh and colorful modern exhibits this month – including this sculpture by Micheline Klagsbrun. Her collection at Studio Gallery, called “Blossoms of Loss and Desire” included both paintings and mixed media sculptures. Lesley even enjoyed the visual before entering the gallery!

On Saturday I was able to embark on a longer, 8 mile run in the mostly sunny skies. I got down to a fairly comfortable 8:34 min/mile pace. Approximately 20 seconds of the total time was solely dedicated to Jack Hanna style wildlife appreciation:

Then on Sunday the outdoor grilling season commenced!

It felt great. And I think we got a few things just right on the menu!

  • The burger patties were made with ground beef, worcestershire, an egg, bread crumbs and salt and pepper;
  • Roasted potatoes were seasoned similarly with worcestershire, garlic powder, and salt and pepper;
  • Brussels sprouts with olive oil and S&P; and
  • The always refreshing tomato, basil, balsamic and olive oil salad with locally sourced tomatoes from the farmers market!

Thank goodness for the self-timer camera phone feature – Claire, Lesley, Ken and I were able to document the occasion!

– EmPan


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