Pass the Kleenex

Spring! Known for the revival of all things in the great outdoors, including tree pollen. On Thursday I embraced the warmer weather and sunshine at National’s Stadium:

It was a great game to attend! The Nats beat the Braves and Bryce Harper made his 100th career home run! He’s now the 8th youngest player in baseball history to hit this milestone. And that wraps up all of my current baseball knowledge. Go team!

Over the weekend I took a welcomed respite from the free-flowing pollinated air, and made a trip to the Dupont Underground. Opened in 1949 as a trolley station, the Dupont Underground platforms and tunnels were closed in 1962 when the city’s streetcar system shut down. Other than acting as a fallout shelter in the late 1960s, and hosting a short-lived food court in the mid-1990s, the space has remained empty. Until now, as it’s being transformed into art and educational spaces!

Claire, Lesley, Meagan, Kelsey, Beth and I volunteered to help assemble the next installation that will fill the space. The main materials being used are the plastic balls from last year’s Beach exhibit at the Building Museum. How resourceful! The balls are being transformed into lego-like blocks for the next exhibit, which opens at the end of the month. We were tasked with hot gluing the spheres together to create the building blocks. Very curious to see the final product!

It other activities from the week: I indulged in a few more Chaia tacos along the Georgetown Waterfront.

And oggled at the Cherry Blossom inspired decor in City Center.


– EmPan


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