Last week’s weather left much to be desired. So chilly, and dreary and even wintry-mixy. Luckily, by the end of the week things were looking up.

But in the meantime, I got in some health-conscious home cooking! Like a tofu, broccoli, bulgar and poppy seed bowl, shown below. I seasoned the tofu just a bit before adding an olive oil glaze and cooking on the grill pan. The pan really shined with the tofu, which is known to soak up any flavor your throw it’s way. Since I pressed the extra-firm tofu thoroughly beforehand, it came out with quite a nice, crispy outer layer!

I also whipped up an oregano and basil chicken dish with cherry tomatoes. I browned the poultry in a skillet then added to the slow cooker for 2 hours to soak up additional juices and flavor. The method loosely followed this recipe from MidwestLiving – a publication I cannot say I’ve yet subscribed to.

And also made some delightful chocolate chip banana bread, which may even be better than the bakery. Or at least on par. I used this tried-and-true family recipe, and lightened it up with greek yogurt rather than sour cream.

In other food-related news, it was a full house at Friday Night Meatballs!

We really enjoyed the selfie-stick, as demonstrated again with Lesley and Claire:

And throughout the week I got in some kickin’ workout classes and a longer weekend jaunt. I’m trying to keep up some mileage in between last week’s Cherry Blossom race and the upcoming Bristol Half Marathon! I haven’t worked out a specific training plan for the July 2nd Independence Day Race, but am definitely pondering thematic outfits for this Rhode Race. Too much?


– EmPan

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