Peak into Easter

It’s officially Cherry Blossom season!


Keely and I made the Tidal Basin pilgrimage mid-week, and a day before peak bloom. Historically speaking, the original set of 3,000 cherry blossom trees were a gift from Tokyo to Washington, DC in 1912. Keely and I have a longstanding tradition of visiting the blooms and working on our amateur photography skills. And since the Cherry Blossom Festival brings in more than 1.5 million people to the District, this year we fully appreciated a more subdued, pre-peak Tidal Basin crowd.


And then it was Easter weekend! I celebrated with a few religious habits. Like running; got in my last longer jaunt (8 miles) before next week’s race. Then worshipped, with only the best gospel choir around. And baked up the Pansa family Easter delicacy: Ham Pie!


And best of all, saw family! Shown here with Will, Uncle Steve, Auntie Nancy and Ryan (just missing cousin Steve!). So great getting to see the Hooley family, catch up and even swap a few Papa Joe-isms along the way.


Backtracking to pie, you may have wondered: What could one person possibly do with an entire meat pie (photographed above)? Luckily, Claire, Lesley and Kelsey were into celebrating the season with a few mimosas and a breakfast-for-dinner Easter supper. Thanks to the self-timer camera feature, we got a group photo!

25478096573_8792e73311_o (1)


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