Casual Connoisseur

Fast casual dining is a bit of a passion of mine. And I’m not alone! It’s a trait of a generation:

“The future of convenience food is nigh. The Fast Casual Generation, Millennials are dictating the future of the food industry thanks to their hunger for healthy, affordable eating experiences. Food brands and chefs of the moment are now being forced to create new, convenient ventures to ensure their tastebuds stay tantalized on the go.”
– via Trends on Trends

This week I was finally able to check out a new brick and mortar taco establishment in Georgetown, Chaia. I’ve been following their story for a good six months now, as the owners gained considerable PR attention in their transition from farmers market standout to restaurateurs. Luckily, the tacos did not disappoint!


Super delicious and flavorful. And all meatless! From the five taco varieties on the menu, I chose the creamy kale + potato, winter squash and mushroom. All with distinct flavors that complimented and blended, and could not yet be recreated with my spice collection. Recommend a visit!

In other fast casual vegetarian news, I made another run to Beefsteak for a bowl of nutrients and a semi-candid first-bite snapshot:


And whipped up my own culinary concoction of sautéed peppers and onions, spinach and pan-grilled chicken.


Because sometimes I just prefer non-plant based iron in the system.


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