Daylight Savings

The combination of warmer weather and longer daylight hours is really a game changer for running opportunities. This week I got in quite a few outdoor jaunts! Like an after work mid-week run, sporting all the reflective gear I own. Thanks to Nance, I could shine bright against the [Arlington] city backdrop with my wrist safety light! Whatever happened to slap bracelets?!

Later in the week I got in an early weekend 10 miler in preparation for the Cherry Blossom race in just a few weeks. It’s been great to see a bit of progress on splits!

In other athletic news, the Mighty Pucks rounded out a socially successful winter season of shuffleboard. Shown here with squad-mates Kelsey, Beth, Lesley and Claire.

And was also able to catch up with Dan, Annie and Mike with an indoor bbq:


Then kicked off the post-Daylight Savings Monday commute with a few fresh blooms along the way.




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