Flying for the Fam

It’s amazing how refreshing just a quick trip with the family can be. Quick, in last weekend’s instance, was defined as approximately 34 hours of togetherness. The occasion: Ana (and Drew’s) bridal shower! The couple flew from South Bend, Pam, the mother-of-the-bride, from Oconomowoc, Jen from San Francisco and Nance and Len from East Longmeadow!

A few highlights:

  • Getting to see quite a few family members and friends at the shower! Ana is shown here opening a handsewn, nighttime garment: a Johnson family heirloom! The Yolk Out Egg Separator was another top gift; after testing it at home we can vouch for it’s usefulness.


  • All the food. Between the Papa Razzi lunchtime spread, dad’s homemade chicken parmesan and mom’s ice cream and chocolate chip cookie sandwiches (shown below), there was not a bad meal, dessert or coffee consumed.


  • Did I mention seeing everyone was great?! Shown here casually lined up with Len, Drew, Ana, Pam, Nance and Jen.


Time’s flying – Now just ten more weeks until #AnaSaysIDrew (their newly minted hashtag)!


– EmPan


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