The Usual

Crock-potting has quickly become my newest hobby. Three weeks in the making! This time I simmered up Chicken Cacciatore, a recipe via Nance and Ana and another one of those “set it and forget it” situations. I combined chicken breast, crushed tomatoes, red bell peppers and an assortment of Italian spices. Paired here with zucchini noodles, because I also just can’t resist the spiralizer.

Another recurring interest that took place over the weekend: Dupont’s First Friday. The exhibits at Studio Gallery and Hillyer Art Space spoke to me this month. Like Sally Kauffman’s “What’s So Important?” and “Day’s Like This” works of art – the titles were also refreshingly down-to-earth.

And finally, got in a longer run! It had been a while since I hit the DC trails for a jog. It felt good to stretch my legs during daylight hours and not on a treadmill. Unfortunately, a weekend cold held me back from maximizing the speed I’ve been trying to gain on internal runs. But more outdoor jaunts are in my future – will have to start training again for the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler!

– EmPan


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