Super Supper

Cold weather and subsequent lack of artistic inspiration in the great outdoors has helped me hone in on artistry in the kitchen as of recent. An overview:

Pictured: A fantastic Sunday supper. I was really striving for a complete, side-dish filled meal this week and think I nailed it!

Shown above is barbecue chicken paired with baked macaroni and cheese and steamed broccoli. The initial plan was to try out a slow-cooker pulled pork recipe, but since the grocery store was completely out of the meat I had to improvise and reverted to my backup plan of last week’s CrockPot chicken. Still delicious!

I’m also pretty happy with how the macaroni came out! Let’s get a close-up:

I followed this Lighter Baked Macaroni and Cheese recipe, which reduces the butter content and replaces cream with skim and chicken broth. I also added in spinach and fire roasted red peppers, an idea I saw in another recipe! Crushed red pepper flakes were also liberally thrown into the mix; everything seems to taste better with my favorite go-to spice of the moment.

Pictured: Partaking in a Turkish pastry class at the Embassy of Turkey! The Embassy offers free demonstration classes – an offer Meagan, Claire, Kelsey and I couldn’t refuse.

Our chef instructor, with the homemade pita!

Not pictured:
Weeknight chocolate chip banana bread! I swapped the sour cream for greek yogurt and used just a tad less chocolate chips this time. Lower-cal, ish.



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