Fresh Perspective

January’s not-necessarily-planned museum tour continued this week at the Phillips Collection, a private gallery off Dupont Circle. It’s coined as America’s first modern art museum! And since I’ve resided approximately .5 miles away from the highly regarded establishment for over a year, I figured it was about time for a visit.

The collection includes an impressive lineup of American and European artists, like Edgar Degas, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso and Vincent van Gogh. One of my favorite sections was the Rothko Room, by Mark Rothko. Since docents watch you like a hawk making sure no flash is used, providing a visual via the museum website below:

Apparently the room is the only one of it’s kind, as Rothko himself provided insight into the installations. The space has been left virtually unchanged since the 1960’s when it was designed. Interesting!

24471850745_cd7858294a_o copy
In food news, I decided to venture outside my usual rotation to concoct a fast-casual worthy rice bowl with snap peas, fresh peppers, cilantro and grilled chicken. Trader Joe’s Red Thai Curry sauce tied everything together nicely. I was inspired by Buzzfeed’s recent article featuring light, colorful and super quick meals, and the flash steaming method used on vegetables at Beefsteak – José Andrés’ vegetarian hot-stop. And Instagram – because somehow my feed has turned into many things earthy/crunchy.


– EmPan

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