Day at the Museum

I’d never helped celebrate a birthday at a museum – until this weekend when I hit up the National Air and Space Museum to launch Keely’s quarter life!

Rather than perusing the traditional museum exhibits, we saw space at it’s prime – in IMAX! First up was Journey to Space 3D, which highlights NASA’s shuttle program and where it’s going in the future. Including what vehicles will take our astronauts to outer space, like:

  • Orion: NASA’s first spacecraft designed to carry humans on long-duration, deep space exploration missions throughout the solar system;
  • Olympus: An inflatable transportation habitat that would provide astronauts the work area and living space necessary for long-duration missions (Smaller versions have already flown in space and a full-scale version is undergoing ground testing!); and
  • The Space Launch System (SLS): A new giant rocket that will carry spacecraft, Mars landers and ascent vehicles to place astronauts on the surface of Mars.
Then, we saw Journey to the Stars aka, the planetarium!


In other events, I whipped up some winter meals like salmon and roasted vegetables, got in mid-week gym time and a weekend 7 miler and kicked off the weekend like an artist at First Friday.



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