Pacing the Season

This week I really think I nailed the balance between holiday celebrations and health conscious habits. Claire and I even captured the concept in a mid-week photo!


On Tuesday I joined a group run with Pacers on 14th St. It was great! The running store hosts several group runs every week, but once a month they also have a “fun run” that ends at Shake Shack in Dupont Circle. I joined the 5 mile group, which ran through Farragut to the Mall, around the Reflecting Pool and back through Farragut to Dupont. There are also three mile and one mile routes, which also end with burgers and a free drink at the restaurant. Everyone was so friendly; I’ll have to make it a regular monthly activity in the new year!

For the rest of the week I embraced spin and cardio sculpt at the gym, and a fantastic weekend trail run in the ideal 70 degree December weather!

And then holiday cheer continued at Keely’s Christmas party. So many treats helped balance out an active week – or I think the saying goes the other way around. I whipped up some bruschetta and simple crostini; it was a hit! And it just wouldn’t have felt right without a Lett’s Terrace photo with Mike, Keely, Dan and Annie to commemorate the occasion.

12371074_10205385298251980_8357582417154766738_o copy


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